Wildfire & Evacuation

Crestone is highly susceptible to wildfire, and visitors and residents must take extreme precautions.

  • The owners receive code red alerts for Crestone; we will call you if we receive an alert, but feel free to call us too! (https://www.slve911.org/). Also:
  • A fire siren will alert residents in Crestone to an immediate threat.
    • A continuous blast means that you should evacuate
    • A single blast is a call for firefighters to report to the firehouse.
    • Two blasts means that communications are broadcast by CB radio, channel 37.
  • If you evacuate during a wildfire:
    • Close all windows, leave doors UNLOCKED, and leave Lights ON
    • Close the value on the propane tank near the shed
  • The main evacuation route from the dome is the way you arrived (via Panorama and Camino Baca Grande). If this route is blocked, then take a left (south) on Camino Baca Grande and after about 1/4 mile take a right onto Camino Real:
    • If you have a normal clearance or 2-wheel drive vehicle, then continue west into the prairie at the end of Camino Real and await help
    • If you have a high-clearance 4-wheel drive, then head right on Wagon Wheel Road and a right onto Spanish Creek Trail (keep moving to avoid getting stuck).
  • If stuck or not able to evacuate, then either stay put or head generally downhill towards the prairie, or towards an area that has already burned and cooled.
  • More info: http://www.bacapoa.org/Page/14064~134982/Disaster-and-Wildfire-Preparedness and http://www.crestoneeagle.com/wp-admin/evacuation-tips-for-crestone-and-baca-grande-subdivision-residents/