NOTE: Bears rarely attack or harm people, but they do get into garbage and break into cars and homes if they smell food. Therefore:

DURING BEAR SEASON (approx. late February through December; i.e. most of the year!):

  • Do Not Leave Garbage Outdoors. Any overflow should be placed in the pantry (dry) or freezer (food garbage).
  • Rinse Recycle Thoroughly, to minimize odors.
  • Do Not Leave Food or Food Wrappers in Your Car.
  • Close downstairs windows not protected by electric fence guards
  • Electric fence guards may be installed on several windows
    • Electric fences are very effective at deterring bears, and their use ensures a cool breeze and a good night sleep during the heat of summer
    • The electric fence charger is located in the pantry straight ahead as you walk in. Make sure it is plugged in and ON. When operating properly, the light on the unit flashes red and emits a faint clicking sound. (If the light is not on or not flashing, please get in touch with us, or check the website for troubleshooting details. Note: an electric fence tester is hanging beside the charger in a small black bag.

Electric Fences

  • Electric fences may be installed at one or more windows.
  • The electric fence charger is located in the pantry.
  • If the light is flashing, the system is activated and working properly.
  • An electric fence tester is in the pantry. See below for more info.

Electric Fences and Troubleshooting

The elctric fences consist of alternating ground and live wires. The wires are energized by an electric fence energizer located in the pantry. The energizer must be plugged in. A flashing light on the energizer indicates that the fences are working properly. Also, an electric fence tester is in a small pouch hanging near the energizer. Hang the tester on a low wire; the LCD will illuminate in the presence of a charge, and show a reading of about 0.8. Next use the probe to touch an adjacent wire; the gauge should now read approximately 8.8.