To Keep the Dome Cool in Summer

Use the square fan in the upstairs window to exhaust hot air from the dome (secure it to the curtain wire using the attached rope).

Close the shades during the day to keep the sun from heating the dome. Use the circular shades on the round windows; the fiberglass wands keep them in place. Push the top of the wand upwards, and then push the bottom of the wand inwards.

Close windows:

  • When you leave for any time. Storms come quickly in the mountains.
  • During high winds and dust storms;
  • During rain

Evaporative Cooling Unit

  • Add water into the fill hole ON THE SIDE of the unit. Water level is visible below fill.
  • Do NOT put water into the top (this is for ice).
  • Can be used without water as a fan.
  • Best used with windows OPEN to ventilate the moist air

Outside Umbrella Awning

  • Do not tilt the awning (unless the air is still)
  • Close the awning in high winds and when you leave

Round shades inserted into the portal windows are supported by a fiberglass rod