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Delightful Dome Info 181102

Welcome to the Delightful Dome!

These guidelines are meant to enrich your visit. Please text or call us any time if you have questions or issues – we want to hear from you! We also appreciate feedback on ways we could improve your visit or about items that need attention or repair. Thanks for taking care of the Dome, and have a wonderful visit!


Spafford Ackerly & Kathy Ballek, 720-310-0235 (voice or text), [email protected]



RULES: No Parties, No Smoking or Incense, No Pets, Not Suitable for Children – sorry!

EMERGENCIES: If you can’t reach us, try Betsy Becraft (303-532-7274, text only) or Deb Westermeyer (443-617-7164, text only)


We Do Our Best to Provide

A pleasant inviting home with all amenities, including kitchen appliances, cutlery, pots and pans, linens, towels, washing machine and dryer, etc.

The Basics: Coffee and tea upon arrival; Spices; Soap, shampoo, & laundry detergent; Bedding & linens; Candles (tea lights)

Purified drinking water (see below, and

WiFi (password: delightful) and basic amenities (see below)


To Bring

  • Slippers (for adobe floor); Bathing suit & towel (for hot springs)
  • Sturdy shoes (for sand and cactus); Cap or visor (for strong sun)
  • Audio/video player (none provided)
  • Food (available in Crestone at the Crestone Mercantile and Elephant Cloud Market; see


Directions and Arrival

Google Maps:


Driveway is U-shaped and sandy. Stay near the road if there is snow on the ground.

Digital Keybox is mounted at front door (a PIN code will be provided). Place hand on keypad to illuminate the dial. Enter the PIN code and then press the Unlock icon in the center of the keypad. Grasp neck at arrows and pull outwards to open. For more info see

Alternate Lockbox is on the railroad ties opposite front door. Contact host for combo.



Can you take recycle? Thank you, and no worries if you can’t! (See info below).

Close and lock windows and doors. During hot weather, place the circular shades on the round windows.

REPLACE THE KEYS in the lock box.


General Info

Shoes: We prefer that guests remove their shoes in the Dome. Thank you!

Candles and Incense: Tea lights are provided. Please no Incense or Oils in the Dome.

Cell and WiFi: Reasonable reception for Verizon and AT&T service. WiFi Password: delightful

Drinking Water: A Berkey drip filter system is provided. Empty the lower chamber before filling the upper chamber. See

Shower & Bath: There is enough hot water for a couple of showers or a single bath (for bath, start shallow and run the water HOT). The kitchen faucet is slow to heat up.

RECYCLE is difficult in Crestone!!

  • Can you help us and take recycle with you? No problem if not.
  • RINSE RECYCLE THOROUGHLY, as stored materials can attract bears (see below)
  • Cardboard put in utility room

GARBAGE. Separate into:

  1. Food and smelly garbage. If full, place smelly garbage in the freezer.
  2. Dry trash. If full, place dry trash in pantry.



NOTE: Bears rarely attack or harm people, but they do get into garbage and break into cars and homes if they smell food. Therefore:

During bear season (late February through early January; i.e. most of the year!):

  • Do Not Leave Garbage Outdoors. Any overflow should be placed in the pantry (dry) or freezer (food garbage).
  • Rinse Recycle Thoroughly, to minimize odors.
  • Do Not Leave Food or Food Wrappers in Your Car.
  • Close downstairs windows not protected by electric fence guards
  • Electric fence guards may be installed on several windows
    • Electric fences are very effective at deterring bears, and their use ensures a cool breeze and a good night sleep during the heat of summer
    • The electric fence charger is located in the pantry straight ahead as you walk in. Make sure it is plugged in and ON. When operating properly, the light on the unit flashes red and emits a faint clicking sound. (If the light is not on or not flashing, please get in touch with us, or check the website for troubleshooting details. Note: an electric fence tester is hanging beside the charger in a small black bag.
  • For more info:


Ventilation and Cooling in Summer


Close the shades during the day. To place the circular shades, place the top of the wand and then push the bottom of the wand inwards.

Close windows:

  • When you leave for any time. Storms come quickly in the mountains.
  • During high winds and dust storms;
  • During rain

Exhaust hot air using square fan in the upstairs window; secure it to the curtain wire using the attached rope.

Evaporative Cooling Unit                          

  • Add water into the fill hole ON THE SIDE of the unit. Water level is visible below fill.
  • Do NOT put water into the top (this is for ice).
  • Can be used without water as a fan.
  • Best used with windows OPEN to ventilate the moist air

Outside Umbrella Awning

  • Do not tilt the awning (unless the air is still)
  • Close the awning in high winds and when you leave


Heat in the Winter


Heating System: Thermostats are located in the living area and bedroom. NOTE: This is a hot water radiant floor heating system that takes up to 24 hours to respond. Thus, when you adjust the thermostat, you won’t feel the effects for a long time.

Need quick heat? Use the portable electric heater or woodstove (below).

Firewood: Do NOT chop firewood inside – use chopping block by woodpile. If woodpile is wet, use firewood from covered woodpile near parking.

Woodstove: To light, pull knob on front of stove straight out; crack door of woodstove, crack an outside door or window. Build a top-down fire with larger logs on bottom and smaller logs and 1 or 2 fire starters on top. Keep the door mostly closed during lighting to eliminate smoke entering room.  Push the front knob in to reduce air flow and slow the burn (see



Kitchen: Includes gas range, dishwasher (very loud), dishes, cutlery, utensils, toaster oven, toaster, microwave, kettle, pots and pans for cooking and baking, blender, crock pot, paper towels, garbage bags, tin foil, dish detergent, sponges, hand soap, some spices, drip coffee cone and filters, canola oil.

Bath: Includes toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hair dryer, first aid kit

Laundry: Includes washer/dryer, iron/ironing board, laundry detergent – add water to lint trap.

Living/Dining Areas: Feel free to move furniture around to suit your needs.

Loft: Includes a yoga mat, meditation floor cushions, shrine, tea candles and holders. Feel free to create your own shrine table.

Lights: dimmers are installed for the dining area and bathroom

Smoke and CO2 Alarms: Yes

Circuit Breakers: Panel is outside on the north side of the dome.

Structure: The structure consists of an outer shell of dense insulating foam and an inner shell of concrete. See more at


Wildfire & Evacuation

  • The owners receive code red alerts for Crestone; we will call you if we receive an alert, but feel free to call us too! ( Also:
  • A fire siren will alert residents in Crestone to an immediate threat.
    • A continuous blast means that you should evacuate
    • A single blast is a call for firefighters to report to the firehouse.
    • Two blasts means that communications are broadcast by CB radio, channel 37.
  • If you evacuate during a wildfire:
    • Close all windows, leave doors UNLOCKED, and leave Lights ON
    • Close the value on the propane tank near the shed
  • The main evacuation route from the dome is the way you arrived (via Panorama and Camino Baca Grande). If this route is blocked, then take a left (south) on Camino Baca Grande and after about 1/4 mile take a right onto Camino Real:
    • If you have a normal clearance or 2-wheel drive vehicle, then continue west into the prairie at the end of Camino Real and await help
    • If you have a high-clearance 4-wheel drive, then head right on Wagon Wheel Road and a right onto Spanish Creek Trail (keep moving to avoid getting stuck).
  • If stuck or not able to evacuate, then either stay put or head generally downhill towards the prairie, or towards an area that has already burned and cooled.
  • More info: and


Animal Sensors (currently NOT FUNCTIONAL)

Wild animals are common around the dome, especially in winter, and include deer, rabbits, coyotes, mountain lions, and bears, and they often wander by without us knowing! Several motion sensors are installed outside the dome, intended as an animal alert.

A sensor alarm can be plugged in at the kitchen counter, near the wifi router. Turn it on and test it out if you wish. Some people sleep better with it off!





Google Maps:


Find your way to Moffat on Route 17 (south of Salida, north of Alamosa). 0.5 mi south of Moffat, turn East onto T Road (two dispensaries mark the turn)

After 11.8 mi, turn Right (South) onto Camino Baca Grande (an Information Kiosk is at the junction; the main road bears Left (N) to the town of Crestone)

After 1.2 mi, turn Left onto Panorama Way (just past North Chapparal Way)

After 0.5 mi, turn Right onto Peaceful Way. After 0.25 mi, the road curves to the Left, and at 0.3 mi the property is on the Right