Digital Keybox

A keybox is mounted to the right of the front door. You will receive a PIN CODE to access the keybox, which contains a key.

IMPORTANT (!) Place your palm on the Keypad to illuminate the dial – enter any numbers until you hear it beep – then enter the PIN code and select the Unlock Icon in the middle of the Keypad.

After it clicks, grasp neck and pull outwards to open (see below for troubleshooting).

Front Door Lock Location
Front Door Lock Location

Here’s how it works


If the keypad does not activate and you hear no beeps, the most likely cause is a dead battery. In this case, either use the hidden backup key (contact us if you have not been provided this information).

OR, find a 9V backup battery placed under a metal cylinder in the rocks below the keybox. Press the terminals of the 9V battery upwards onto two small metal pins protruding from the bottom of the lockbox, and, while holding the battery in place, put your hand on the keypad to activate the device (as above).

9V Battery Jumpstart
9V Battery Jumpstart

Bluetooth Entry

Download the Igloo Keybox app on your phone and we can give you Bluetooth access to the Keybox. See details here: