Personal liability insurance coverage during travel is part of most homeowner and renters insurance policies.

If you have a homeowner, tenant, or condo insurance policy, the liability coverage typically applies worldwide. The policy likely protects you against liability due to damages at a property that are beyond normal daily wear and tear.

Alternatively …

Short-term travel and liability insurance can protect you in the event of accidental injuries or damage to property.

Get an instant quote from the companies below. We obtained trial quotes for a traveler 30 years old for travel in the U.S., with the lowest level of coverage and a $0 deductible, yielding approximately (in early 2018):

POLICY \ DAYS OF COVERAGE: 4 days 8 days
Atlas Travel ($50,000 of coverage; $0 deductible)  $12 $19
Liaison Majestic ($60,000 of coverage, $0 deductible) $18 $29

See the comparison chart of coverage by Atlas, Liaison, and IMG (IMG is not available to U.S. residents traveling in the U.S.


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