Crestone is located in the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado, and the Dome is at 980 Peaceful Way, Crestone, CO 81131 (google map). From Denver, the fastest route is via Rt. 285 through Fairplay (approx 3 hrs 30 min); however, the most scenic route to Crestone takes the high route through the mountains via I70 through Silverthorne and then south through Leadville (about 20 minutes longer, provided you don’t hit winter storms or weekend traffic on I70!).

Directions to Crestonefrom TripInfo (by permission)


From Moffat

Whichever route you take, you need to find your way to Moffat on Route 17. Just south of Moffat, turn east on T Road (two noticeable dispensaries are located at the junction). Follow T Road east for 11.8 miles – watch out for the four right-angle bends in the road, where it skirts a ranch (link to map below).

Moffat to Crestone

As you approach town, the main road curves left towards Crestone, and an information kiosk is straight ahead. Just before the kiosk, turn right onto Camino Baca Grande (the entrance to the Baca). After 1.2 miles (just after N Chaparal Way), turn left onto Panorama Way. Then at 0.5 miles, turn right onto Peaceful Way. The road curves around to the left and the dome is on the right (map link).Crestone Maps

The driveway is U-shaped, and you can use the lower or upper entrance (but beware of sand!)

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